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Felco Model 4 Standard Secateurs
Bypass Cutting Action

£ 43.33

RRP: £56.99
Felco Model 11 Grower Secateurs
Bypass Cutting Action

£ 44.70

RRP: £66.99
Felco Model 100 Cut and Hold
Bypass Cutting Action

£ 45.62

RRP: £76.99
Felco Model 2 & Felco Beanie Hat Gift Set
Hat & Secateurs in Gift Box

£ 48.00

RRP: £64.99
Felco Model 2 Original Secateurs
Bypass Cutting Action

£ 49.99

RRP: £66.99
Felco Model 2 & Felco 905 Sharpener Promo
Includes Sharpener worth £24.99

£ 64.99

Felco Model 2 Original Secateurs + Keyring
Celebrating 70 years of Felco

£ 64.99

Felco Model 2 & Felco 600 Gift Box
Secateurs & Saw in Gift Box

£ 71.99

RRP: £79.99
Felco Model 50 Professional Hoof Shears

£ 82.90

RRP: £91.99


For general purpose garden pruning use you can't go far wrong with a solid pair of Felco Secateurs.

Model 2

The No.2 is what we like to call at World of Felco - "The Ultimate All Rounder". It's our best selling pair by a country mile and is usually our first recommendation. Many an experienced gardener would be lost without this trusty companion. It can be easily adjusted for perfect cutting and features lots of little elements like shock absorbers which make this tool ideal for use time and time again without excessive wrist fatigue.

Model 4

The Felco 4 is a more robust alternative to the number 2 but lacks some of a features which make the no.2 so popular and comfortable to use on a regular basis, i.e. shock absorbers. The Felco no.4 is great for occasional use and will last the test of time.

The Felco 4 Cut and Hold is the same as the Felco 4 but has a special blade attachment designed to hold the flower after cutting; great for pruning flowers like roses.

Model 5

The Felco 5 is a good solid pair for gardeners on a budget, it features a simplified design and utilises lower cost materials to bring down the price but still boasts superb cutting performance. Cheap and cheerful.

Model 11

The Felco no. 11 is essentially the same as the number two but has an anvil blade attached using screws instead of rivets, this makes the blade much easier to replace.

Model 100

The Felco 100 is a bespoke cut-and-hold style pair of bypass secateurs which is specifically designed for both delicate branches and hardier woods - it is ideal for pruning roses.