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Felco Model 2 & Felco Beanie Hat Gift Set
Hat & Secateurs in Gift Box

£ 48.00

RRP: £64.99
Felco Model 2 Original Secateurs
Bypass Cutting Action

£ 49.99

RRP: £66.99
Felco Model 2 & Felco 905 Sharpener Promo
Includes Sharpener worth £24.99

£ 64.99

Felco Model 2 Original Secateurs + Keyring
Celebrating 70 years of Felco

£ 64.99

Felco Model 2 & Felco 600 Gift Box
Secateurs & Saw in Gift Box

£ 71.99

RRP: £79.99


The Felco model number 2 has changed little since it's inception over 70 years ago and it's no wonder that they're the most popular pair in the world. These outstanding Swiss designed bypass secateurs feature:

  • Shock absorbers to protect your wrists from excess wear and tear.
  • Strong aluminium alloy handles to last the test of time.
  • Hardened and replaceable blades (the anvil blade has a clever sap groove to reduce sticking).
  • Replaceable nuts and bolts
  • Easily adjustable cutting for precision
  • A super comfortable grip
  • Smooth working action
  • Gorgeous pillar box red handles which stand out amidst the shrubbery should you happen to drop them

We recommend these to everyone but are best suited to right handed users with a medium to large hand.

If you have more specific needs and requirements from your secateurs then you should call our sales team on 0208 828 8850 who will be happy to make a suitable recommendation for you.