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Felco 300 Light Weight Picking and Trimming Snips
Bypass Cutting Action

£ 16.99

RRP: £21.99
Felco 310 Light Weight Picking and Trimming Snips
Bypass Cutting Action

£ 18.00

RRP: £21.99
Felco Essential Secateurs Large - 160L
Bypass Cutting Action

£ 24.99

RRP: £35.99
Felco Model 5 Economy Secateurs
Bypass Cutting Action

£ 31.95

RRP: £41.99
Felco Essential Secateurs Small - 160S
Bypass Cutting Action

£ 32.99

RRP: £35.99
Felco Model 4 Standard Secateurs
Bypass Cutting Action

£ 43.33

RRP: £56.99
Felco Model 32 Anvil
Anvil Cutting Action - For Left or Right Handed

£ 44.30

RRP: £62.99
Felco Model 11 Grower Secateurs
Bypass Cutting Action

£ 44.70

RRP: £66.99
Felco Model 8 Classic Secateurs
Bypass Cutting Action

£ 45.43

RRP: £66.99
Felco Model 6 Compact Secateurs
Bypass Cutting Action

£ 45.55

RRP: £61.99
Felco Model 100 Cut and Hold
Bypass Cutting Action

£ 45.62

RRP: £76.99
Felco 4 Cut and Hold Bypass Pruner F-4CH
Bypass Cutting Action

£ 47.26

RRP: £66.99


Felco Secateurs or Pruning Shears as they are sometimes called are the perfect tool for pruning in your garden or professional use.

Invest in a true Swiss icon

Felco Secateurs are known across the globe for being the absolute best choice for everyone from the budding gardener to the green fingered Felco fanatic.

You can truly feel the quality with the smooth tight action and superb cutting power, combined to offer you an unparalleled level of precision. The easy to use design always provides a clean cut which encourages the efficient healing of the wood.

Industry Leading Design

Each pair is ergonomic and features non slip handles; great for working longer in the garden without suffering from tired wrists or hands. We love them.

Every model of Felco Secateurs (besides the F31 Anvil model) features two blades for bypass style cutting. One of the blades is razor sharp and this is called the cutting blade; this blade bypasses the second blade (which is called the anvil blade) to make the cut in the same way a pair of scissors would. This has been proven to be the very best of way of producing a clean cut.

Choose from the entire range

We offer a huge selection of Felco Pruning Shears. Choose the No.2 or as we call it - "the ultimate all rounder" or consider the No.6 which has been perfectly designed for the smaller hand. We have pairs for the left handed user too.

If you're still unsure how best to proceed after reading our extensive product descriptions then please feel free to call our team of Felco Experts on 0208 829 8850 for free friendly advice on which pair is right for you.