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Felco Practical Wire Cutter

£ 37.10

RRP: £51.99
Felco C7 Cable Cutter

£ 52.64

RRP: £67.99
Felco C3 Cable Cutter

£ 62.99

RRP: £72.99
Felco CDO Barbed Wire Cutter - Commando

£ 79.99

RRP: £83.99
Felco C12 Two Handed Steel Cable Cutter

£ 174.48

RRP: £244.99
Felco C16 Two Handed Steel Cable Cutter

£ 229.00

RRP: £344.99
Felco C9 Wire Cutter

£ 331.41

Felco C16E Two Handed Electrical Cable Cutter

£ 344.99

RRP: £349.99
Felco C112 Two Handed Steel Cable Cutter

£ 448.63

RRP: £629.99
Felco C108 Two Handed Steel Cable Cutter

£ 464.99

RRP: £469.99


We carry and sell the entire range of Felco cutters available in the UK.

The Felco CP Practical Wire Cutter is a great all rounder and can handle wires up to 205mm and yet only weigh a feather weight like 290 grams. Looking to snip through barbed wire? The cutter you need is the "Commando" Felco CDO. It is custom made for this purpose and works an absolute treat. Designed for single hand use and small enough to carry in your pocket.

If you're looking to cut cables then we have an extensive selection of cutters for you to peruse. Starting with the C7 which cuts up to 7mm and ending with the mega two handled C112, this whopper can cut through 12.7mm cables.