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Loppers and Cutters
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Felco Practical Wire Cutter

£ 39.99

RRP: £49.99
Felco C7 Cable Cutter

£ 47.99

RRP: £64.99
Felco CDO Barbed Wire Cutter - Commando

£ 79.99

Felco Curved Cut Tree Lopper
400mm (15.7inch) Length

£ 89.99

Felco Curved Cut Tree Lopper
500mm (19.7inch) Length

£ 94.99

Felco Curved Cut Tree Lopper
600mm (23.6inch) Length

£ 99.99

Felco 210A-60 - Aluminium Lopper
600mm (23.6inch) Length

£ 129.99

Felco C9 Wire Cutter

£ 149.99

Felco 210C - Carbon Fibre Lopper
600mm (23.6inch) Length

£ 164.99

Felco 220 - Lever-action lopper
800mm (31.4inch) Length

£ 194.99

Felco 231 - Curved Lever-action Lopper
800mm (31.4inch) Length

£ 194.99

Felco 22 - Aluminium Lopper
840mm (33inch) Length

£ 199.99

RRP: £259.99

Loppers and Cutters

Industry leading Swiss made Cutters and Loppers from Felco will impress you from the very first use. They're seriously durable and provide unparalleled cutting performance, accept no imitations.


We stock the full range of cutters, everything from the jet black commando set to the heavy duty C112 for cutting through 12.7 mm thick high tensile steel strands.


Choose from Felco loppers with aluminium or cutting edge carbon fibre handles for a light weight cutting solution without sacrificing cutting power or precision.


A cut above the rest, Felco and Victorinox scissors work exactly as you would expect them to - very well indeed.