Watch our video and learn about the most popular models; the number 2, 6, 7 & 8

At World of Felco we sell the full range of Felco secateurs available to purchase in the UK. These incredible garden pruners feature robust and lightweight aluminium handles with the iconic bright red handles, embossed with the Felco emblem. Felco is the global leader in pruners, so do not compromise by going for cheaper imitations. Always buy Felco's from a reputable source, like World of Felco or various garden centres in the UK. Do not buy from various other online market places where imitations are rife and sellers are not authorised Felco dealers. World of Felco is part of one of the UK's most highly regarded independent garden centres, Sunshine Garden Centre and we have been selling Felco online since 2001. We are the Felco Secateur experts so feel free to contact us at


The Felco Model 2 "Original" The Felco Model 6 "Compact" The Felco Model 7 "Professional" The Felco Model 8 "Classic"