Felco Model No. 12 Compact Deluxe FM12
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Overview: Felco Model No. 12 - Compact Deluxe are the top-of-the-line Felco secateurs for smaller hands. It features a rotating cutting blade handle which helps prevent or reduce blisters and muscle fatigue that results from prolonged pruning. This pruner is identical to the Felco Model No. 6 but it has a handle similar to the Felco Model No. 7. Smaller cutting head allows for precision pruning closer to the trunk. The Felco Model No. 12 is recommended for heavy and prolonged pruning as well as for small hands.
Reliable: comfortable light sturdy handles made of forged aluminium with a lifetime guarantee / blade and screw-mounted anvil blade made of high-quality hardened steel / clean precise cut / all parts can be replaced
Efficient: easy durable cutting adjustment / wire cutting notch / sap groove
Ergonomic: hand and wrist protection and optimisation of the force exerted are provided by the revolving handle and the cushion-shock absorber / non-slip coating
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Small hand
Large hand
Wire cutting notch
The blades feature a notch that allows for the cutting of small wires without damaging the cutting edge.
Sap groove
The sap groove prevents the blade sticking when cutting sappy wood. It saves time and makes pruning easier by removing sap and debris after each cut.
Micrometric adjustment
FELCO s micrometric adjustment system guarantees an optimal adjustment of the cutting head throughout the life of the tool. It ensures a clean and precise cut.
Shock absorption system
The cushion and shock absorber soften the impact upon finishing cutting. The hand and wrist are also protected.
Forged aluminum handles
Lightweight strong and sturdy thanks to special aluminum alloys and advanced precision forging methods. Equipment comes with a lifetime guarantee .
Revolving handle
The revolving handle spreads muscular effort across all fingers and reduces the overall cutting effort by 30 . This FELCO invention reduces the risk of both tendonitis RSI and carpal tunnel syndrome.
Angled cutting head
Inclined cutting head to reduce the risk of muscular-skeletal injuries and to maximise user comfort.
It is advisable to clean your tool after each use. If your tool is particularly dirty or subject to rusting after exposure to moisture do not delay cleaning.
After cleaning it is advisable to oil the tool so as to protect it from corrosion. The oil will also unjam the tool.
It is advisable to sharpen your tool at least once a day but if you feel that your tool is not cutting as well as usual sharpen it right away
It is advisable to dismantle your tool on a regular basis but at the very latest when it appears to be jammed.
Dismantling the revolving handle
It is advisable to dismantle the revolving handle on a regular basis so that it does not become jammed.
2/30 Adjustment key 1x 2/30
6/3 Blade 1x 6/3
6/4 Anvil-blade with screw 1x 6/4 1x 6/6
6/90 Kit 1x 6/7 1x 2/16 1x 2/9 1x 6/8
6/91 Kit 2x 6/11
2/92 Kit 1x 2/15 1x 2/18 1x 2/14 1x 2/12 1x 2/13 1x 2/20
2/93 Kit 4x 2/18 6x 2/20
6/94 Kit 1x 2/9 1x 6/8
12/1 Handle without blade 1x 12/1 1x 7/23 3x 2/5B 1x 2/19 1x 2/20 1x 2/10 1x 2/13 1x 2/12 1x 2/14
12/2 Handle without anvil-blade 1x 12/2 1x 2/18 1x 6/36
12/22 Revolving handle 1x 12/22
7/23 Axis for revolving handle 1x 7/23
6/36 Plastic coating for anvil-blade handle 1x 6/36
2/5B Rivet for blade 1x 2/5B
6/6 Screw for anvil-blade 1x 6/6
6/8 Bolt 1x 6/8
2/9 Nut 1x 2/9
2/10 Bush 1x 2/10
6/11 White spring 1x 6/11
2/12 Thumb catch 1x 2/12
2/13 Spring for thumb catch 1x 2/13
2/14 Screw for thumb catch 1x 2/14
2/15 Catch plate 1x 2/15
2/16 Locking segment 1x 2/16
6/7 Screw for locking segment 1x 6/7
2/18 Cushion 1x 2/18
2/19 Edging 1x 2/19
2/20 Shock absorber 1x 2/20