Felco 50 Professional Hoof Clippers. L18
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Overview: The Felco 50 hoof clippers have comfortable light sturdy handles made of forged aluminium. They have an easy durable cutting adjustment with protection against the risk of hoof infections thanks to blades coated with XYLAN. The Felco 50 has a rotating handle that revolves on its axis allowing the fingers to move naturally reducing the blisters and hand fatigue that so often accompany prolonged clipping work. This unique swivel action requires up to thirty percent less effort than conventional models and offers maximum comfort on continuous pruning. The swivelling handle may feel strange at first but you ll quickly come to wonder how you ever lived without it.
Reliable: comfortable light sturdy handles made of forged aluminium with a lifetime guarantee / blade and screw-mounted anvil blade made of high-quality hardened steel / clean precise cut / all parts can be replaced
Efficient: easy durable cutting adjustment / Protection against the risk of hoof infections thanks to blades coated with XYLAN
Ergonomic: hand and wrist protection and optimisation of the force exerted are provided by the revolving handle the angled head and the cushion-shock absorber / non-slip coating
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Ovine and caprine rearing
Small hand
Large hand
It is advisable to clean your tool after each use. If your tool is particularly dirty or subject to rusting after exposure to moisture do not delay cleaning.
After cleaning it is advisable to oil the tool so as to protect it from corrosion. The oil will also unjam the tool.
Dismantling the revolving handle
It is advisable to dismantle the revolving handle on a regular basis so that it does not become jammed.
2/30 Adjustment key 1x 2/30
50/3 Blade 1x 50/3
50/4 Anvil-blade 1x 50/4
7/90 Kit 1x 7/7 1x 2/16 1x 2/9 1x 7/8
2/92 Kit 1x 2/15 1x 2/18 1x 2/14 1x 2/12 1x 2/13 1x 2/20
2/93 Kit 4x 2/18 6x 2/20
7/94 Kit 1x 2/9 1x7/8
50/1 Handle without blade 1x 50/1 1x 7/23 3x 7/5B 1x 2/19 1x 2/20 1x 7/10 1x 2/13 1x 2/12 1x 2/14
7/2 Handle without anvil-blade 1x 7/2 1x 2/18 1x 7/36
7/22 Revolving handle 1x 7/22
7/23 Axis for revolving handle 1x 7/23
7/36 Plastic coating for anvil-blade / anvil handle 1x 7/36
7/5B Rivet for blade 1x 7/5B
7/6 Screw for anvil-blade 1x 7/6
7/8 Bolt 1x 7/8
2/9 Nut 1x 2/9
7/10 Bush 1x 7/10
50/11 White spring 1x 50/11
2/12 Thumb catch 1x 2/12
2/13 Spring for thumb catch 1x 2/13
2/14 Screw for thumb catch 1x 2/14
2/15 Catch plate 1x 2/15
2/16 Locking segment 1x 2/16
7/7 Screw for locking segment 1x 7/7
2/18 Cushion 1x 2/18
2/19 Edging 1x 2/19
2/20 Shock absorber 1x 2/20