Felco Folding Saw F600 F600
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Overview: There is nothing ordinary about the patented blade design of Felco saws. Unlike conventional saw teeth which are filed and alternately bent the turbo-cut saw blade is taper ground and each tooth is honed to precise knife-edge sharpness. Fast easy pull action is easier and safer than other saws. The shape of the turbo-cut blade is thinner at the top and thicker at the bottom-where the teeth are. This unique Felco feature keeps only the teeth in contact with the material to be cut. This prevents clogging and binding since the sides of the blade never come in contact with the wood. Cuts branches up to 4 inches in diameter.
Reliable: rust resistant hard-chromed blade made of high-quality steel / impulse heat treatment of the teeth / clean precise cut / parts can be replaced
Efficient: conical blade shape that cuts without clogging / the set and shape of the teeth prevents sap build-up / maintenance free
Ergonomic: comfortable non-slip handle
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Parks and Gardens
Small hand
Large hand
The pull-stroke technique reduces effort and eliminates the risk of the blade pig-tailing.
Rust resistant chromed blade made of steel.
Cutting edge durability
Teeth are submitted to the impulse treatment in order to increase the durability of the saw s cutting edge.
Teeth geometry
The teeth geometry is particularly suited for cutting woodland. Improved clearance of metal shavings and a softer bite in order to avoid arm injuries/aches and pains.
The ergonomic non-slip handle provides good handling.
Folding saw
The folding saw can be carried in a pocket.
600/3 Blade1x 600/3
60/4 Screw1x 60/4
60/5 Nut1x 60/5
600/10 Closing catch1x 600/10