Felco CP Practical Cutter CP
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Overview: This is the cover-all of the Felco range. No matter the job the Felco Practical Cutter will suit. The choice of professionals the world over whether it be to cut banding wire tin rubber string wire netting and many kinds of materials. No home or workshop should be without a Felco CP all-purpose cutter.
Reliable: Clean precise cutting of wood paper cardboard wire sheet metal mesh leather packing straps rubber plastic / blades and centre bolt made of high-quality hardened steel for exceptional performance and durability / thumb catch designed for one-handed operation / pressed steel handles with non-slip grips
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Repair and manufacturing workshops
Cables wire-drawing mills
Rail transport
Agriculture viticulture
Electricity telecommunications
Oil industry
DIY leisure floral arrangements
Packaging unpacking strips
Plastics industry
Leather industry
Cinema theatre events
Small hand
Large hand
5/35 Plastic coating for blade handle / anvil-blade handle 1x 5/35
C7/4 Bolt 1x C7/4
C7/5 Counter nut 1x C7/5
C7/10 Spring 1x C7/10