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Overview: Felco 640 Curved Saw 270mm. New for 2016 Felco bring their years of experience in garden tools and secateurs to bear on a range of precision designed saws perfect for heavy duty garden use. The ergonomic handle is the height of comfort and assures stability during operation. The bimaterial handle is designed for use by left or right handed users with the hooked handle end allowing for easier pull strokes and use. The updated blade design includes 6.8 teeth per inch for a finer cleaner cut leading to more efficient and comfortable cutting. The large faster cutting teeth results in a faster and easier debris removal whilst cutting. The Felco 640 Curved Saw also comes with an innovative scabbard including ergonomic thumb catches to remove saw moulded slots for leg attachment with velco straps included and a patent pending secure blade lock which prevents accidental release from the scabbard. The redesigned Felco saw offers fantastic ease of use and represents a real leap forward in garden tools.
Reliable: Rust resistant chromed blade made of steel impulse heat treatment of the teeth clean precise cut.
Efficient: Curved blade shape for an easy non clogging cut the set and shape of the teeth prevents sap build up maintenance free.
Ergonomic: Comfortable non-slip hooked handle easy to use for both right and left handed users.
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Parks and Gardens
Small hand
Large hand
Left handed
Tooth Design
More efficient and comfortable cutting.
Curved Shape
The increased downward force gain results in reduced physical effort to cut especially above shoulder height.
Hooked Handle
Improves grip on the tool making it easier to pull strokes.
Redesigned Scabbard
Molded slots and velco straps allow the saw to be securely fastened to your person.
Cleaning and Maintenance
Felco pruning saws so not require regular maintenance in the same way that secateurs do. We do not recommend sharpening the blade as the small ridges and close teeth do not easily lend themselves to being sharpened without damage.